Gas Guzzlers Surge in Popularity

Can you believe it? Americans have quickly returned to their old ways of owning gas guzzling vehicles.  It happened even faster then expected.

Forget all those polls that showcase how much American’s care about climate change. Maybe they do, but not when it comes to vehicle ownership.

Gas prices have been falling for just a couple of months and already we’re seeing a big difference in the types of vehicles people are buying. Sales were up last month for SUVs and trucks, but not for fuel efficient smaller cars.

In November, sales of GMC trucks rose by 22.7%, Jeep Cherokee by 67%, Honda CR-V by 38%, Toyota’s 4Runner SUV  by 53.4%and Highlander crossover SUV by 16.7%, reports National Journal. W

And smaller cars? Sales are down 2.7% for Toyota’s cars, down by 11% for Ford Fusion, down by 7% for Nissan Altima, and down by 16.7% for Chevy Malibu. Only the Nissan Leaf defied the odds with sales growing 34% in November, says National Journal.

The short-sightedness of these purchases may become clear when gas prices being to rise again.